Fun run in with a streamer

Hey guys,first time poster.

I want to share with you my first argument with a twitch streamer for Escape From Tarkov.

I was browsing on Instagram looking through all the things "Tarkov Streamers" are posting,what they are bragging about,showcasing or well complaining.

This one "streamer" Pacman1745,posted a picture of his post raid information where he dealt over 200 damage to scavs.

He was complaining how he got unfairly killed by scavs on woods.I can't show you exact one to one topic and conversation because he blocked me for showing him where he was wrong.He was extremely hostile and uncomfortable to talk to.

His weapon was the Five seven,the weapon he used was AP ammo.
First scav he killed was wearing armor,he said he one shot him in the chest,alright,pretty normal,the bullet could've went through,shrapneled and killed the scav in one shot,reasonable enough.

Then he says he shot at another naked scav,who took up the other damage without dying and proceeding to kill him.

He proceeds to complain how it's impossible for a scav to take so much damage, but in the picture,out of 21 to 24 shots,only managed to actually hit the target.

Someone in the comments before me posted that it could've been unlucky limb shots,which is also very possible,but he denies the fact that he missed.He resumes to angrily denied the fact he could've missed the chest or the head of the scav.
He also claims to have over 2k hours on the game and with the knowledge he has he can't be wrong.He was blaming ballistics,bad scavs,you know the deal.

My comment i wrote was explaining to him that he was wrong,that there's something called "over penetration" and the range he show the scav from.I told him if he didn't kill him from Close quarter he shouldn't refer to ballistics,but he says it wasn't close.Alright.

He then proceeds to attack me,cursing at me and calling me names for trying to explain to him how he was wrong.

He goes on with calling me names,how i don't know what i am talking about..when in reality..i've been with the devs since 2016 29th december..playing in Alpha.

Nope,he's right,i'm wrong,he's big,i'm small.

A man with "2,000" hours,doesn't know what over penetration is in Tarkov,denies the fact he could've missed,that the shots could've over penetrated or just took out the limbs.

With that many hours,he claims to has,he should know the issues EFT players get into against scavs.The hit reg,their model,their behavior.

I'm not expecting anyone to attack him or to do anything really,i just wanted to share this interesting,and funny experience with all of you,i really want to know what you guys think.


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