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Before new expansion is out (perhaps it is already out when you are reading this), i wanna ask what is the purpose of Runeword in any deck? So far, only deck that i saw that play Runeword is NR Spellweaver decks which (as name implies) try to spam Spellweavers to win. I play this deck from time to time. It isnt very strong but if you can pull it of (especially if you can find more Spellweavers with Runeword) you can swipe out the whole board with zappy-boys. Problem with Runeword is bronze NR mage pool will get bigger every expansion and Runeword will get more random slowly. So are we suppose to play Runeword in hopes of finding the one mage we want (zappy boys or new bonded mage) or use it as a tech finder (which doesnt work cause almost all mages are engines) or play it as 6p spell that summons a 4p random patience engine with shield? It seems like last one is the answer but paying 6 provision for a 4p random patience mage with shield seems a little overcosted.

Solution is pretty simple, Runeword should only show bronze NR mages from your starting deck. But im sure CDPR thought about this as well and reason they didnt do this is simple, being able to play a mage engine you want even if it is a 4p engine is pretty strong (especially being able to do this twice or thrice with Triss is so strong) so we got current version. Here is my take on it, Runeword should only show mages from your starting deck like i just said but make Runeword a gold card (probably an epic) so you can only play it once and you cant Triss it either. This way you know what you get without praying for rng and make a plan around it.

Current Runeword feels like one of runestones right now and with the exception of NG one none of them see any play. Only reason NG sometimes plays it is not because card is any good but instead even if you got a bad card, it triggers assimilate so you are most likely fine. Imperial Diplomacy is most similar card to Runeword we have right now and only reason it sees play is either because it is a 4p so a basicly a deck filler or as an Assimilate trigger.

So what do you people think? More reliable gold Runeword is way to go (i expect them to dust everyone's copy with full refund before changing it) or current one is good enough and i should stop being a backseat developer? Dont forget im just a standart redditor so this is more of a pass time talk than fully serious meta discussion.

Tl;dr: Runeword pool is getting bigger and getting more random. It should instead show cards from your starting deck and should be a gold card so you can't spam shielded engines.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/q1s43g/future_of_runeword/

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