FYI – This Is What Hacking Looks Like..

Hey all. I was randomly invited to a Discord owned by a crew of hackers that would offer carry services for $$$. Looking through how it operates, I documented it all and was planning on a more extensive write up.. but they were banned and moved on to a different game.

I wanted to post this anyways so people can actually see how the hacks work, hopefully this gives the community perspective into the advantage hackers have over us.

What the group would do is have you pay, make you sit in a corner in a raid with them, and they'd go out, kill everyone, and collect and bring all the loot to you. They were using hacks that overlayed usernames, main weapons, KD, and total gear worth on the screen. I watched the group exchange communications with many users about purchasing their services, about how sometimes their hack would stop working and they were waiting on their dev team to update it, etc. I even saw a guy pay them $5 to let him stay in their discord so he would know when they're running labs so he could stay away.

Below is a YouTube video the hackers posted as "proof" of their services. I have more documentation and have taken my own videos of them as backup, too.


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