Galactic Factions: Pick a side? (Semi IC post)

Hello, CMDRs.

I am a humble, CMDR running a one-man freight and salvage outfit in an and around the Chambo system. I hop around neighbouring planets making a respectable income and have never paid too much attention to the fact that I am living/operating in Federation territory. (If memory serves, I'm just on the edge of Hudson's spheres of influence.)

I don't consider myself to be a Federation man. I suppose the only faction I may have any loyalty towards is the Pilot's Federation seeing as they allow me to operate as a legit pilot. And I in no way have any interest in joining power struggles or conflict of any kind or fighting any wars against human, Thargoids, or anyone for that matter. The way I see it, there is literally enough galaxy for all of us.

But this got me thinking. Is there any reason for a CMDR like myself to choose a faction to align myself with? Would my life be better if I relocate to the vast green canopy of Alliance space? Should I venture to the frontier of Colonia? Is my disdain for the Empire ill-founded and unprofitable? Or is my life in Federation space just as good as any life in the bubble? I guess I was just wondering if any fellow CMDRs on this sub had any insight or opinions on the matter. Don't get me wrong, I plan to move on from my interstellar neighbourhood at some point. (A possible move into the tourism industry) but I thought this would be a good subject for us all to have a natter about.

Happy flying, everyone. And if you ever find yourself in or around Chambo, give me a bell and we'll grab a drink!


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