Game Hung on Loading Screen Post Raid

EDIT: You might want to hold off from jumping into a raid right now… at least two others in comments have brought up experiencing something near identical to what I detail below. Seems like something's screwy on BSG's end.

EDIT #2: Just a heads up to anyone experiencing the same problem as me, I closed the game in task manager and still had the gear I extracted with on my when I booted up the game moments later. So, relief. Not a big deal. Unless you got the hanging loading screen after a juicy scav run.

The irony is I was planning on making an thank you for this brilliant game post like literally after this raid, because of what a blast it was, but… my game is currently hung on a seemingly infinite loading screen now, right after the raid.

I'm really bummed/scared if I end the game in task manager I'll lose however many 100k+ of roubles of stuff I got, as well as… even the gear I took into it?

Anyone have any workarounds, fixes, or solutions for this? I'm 100+ raids in this wipe and this is the first time this has ever happened to me (was under the impression this is an older bug that has been taken care of).


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