Game improvements (played for 2 months)

Ok so iv played this game alot the past 2 months, its pretty good.. but there needs to be a couple changes in my opinion.

  1. remove the server picker and lock people to their lowest pinged server. (will help alot of with desync)

  2. make it so that every raid 8/10 PMC's spawn in. nothing worse than running around an empty map for 30 minutes, and it will stop people farming loot on dead servers.

  3. make it so a solo player only plays vs other solos, duos vs other duos and trio's vs trio's.

  4. add something above your teammates head (its so boring and un-fun to keep asking where your teammate is, or TK'ing.. it will make the game so much more fast paced)

  5. make it so that higher levels dont get better skills than others.. for example i'm level 30 and my friend who is level 50 can jump higher, run longer, HEAR MORE…. its ridiculous and makes no sence. I'm already at a disadvantage due to less game expereience and less in-game money, but to have an inferior character too is just stupid.

  6. make it so that if i press M, the map appears like in pubg.. whats the point of me having to look at the map on google images on my second monitor.. it doesnt add any extra skill in the game, its just annoying and confuses new players.

i really feel like with a few changes this game could be insanely popular and alot more fun, anybody agree?


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