Game turned into cod

So ? Was there a recent patch or something

This game has turned to fucking aids, lost all 10 raids today, tried hatchling, tried chadding, tried ratting. Spawns are fucked and people are just out for blood and run up on you like its fucking call of duty, then let's not start on their weapon builds, go back to fucking call of duty you nerds

Edit: I've refrained from complaining about this game but after today fuck me I've had enough of the spawns, the d sync, the fucking bullets that go through people , the bullets that dont even come out of your barrel, the fucking random disconnects, the fucking let's just camp spawns and or entrances

They are trying to make it about loot to give new players like me a chance to learn the game and every fucking patch or every time dev's listen to a shit house streamer it ruins it for people like me


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