Gameplay against enemies needs updating.

Bosses and enemies attacking you is really predictable at the moment. It feels very easy and not challenging. Sure an enemy could do a lot of damage if you don’t have correct gear to face them, but it doesn’t matter if you can easily dodge the attack then kill them. Same with the bosses. Bosses can be difficult at first until you figure out the ability, which then it gets pretty easy.

A friend of mine and I run into the plains with bronze, and we immediately take out the fulings pretty easily by drawing out the attack. This makes it less immersive. The deathsquitos are also easy to bait out once they do the charge attack, thus we got early access to black metal and needles even though we couldn’t use the black metal yet.

Overall I feel this is the biggest issue in the game so far. Don’t know how to fix this issue though. Maybe adding two types of attacks per enemy would be a good idea. Just anything to make it less easy to draw out an attack because that makes it really easy to defeat bosses and enemies.


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