Gamma container is kind of crazy

It just really occurred to me how insane the gamma case is.

You get 9 slots compared to the 4 of an alpha. On paper that is double, which is kind of crazy. It gets even crazier when you consider the alpha is the perfect size for meds.

The Gamma case basically just makes sure you can get some of the best stuff out of raid. Originally I didnt think it was a big issue. Then after watching some aqua FPS my mind started to change.

When he is running factory he can grab some insane extra loot, like a red GP or a 60 rounder and just rush for quest kills. For us non EOD plebs we usually have to choose between making rubles or doing quests, but with Gamma one can fo both at the same time.

For example, Aqua goes into a factory raid with just an mp-133 shotgun. He loots up and finds a red GP, and a battered book, both straight into the gamma. Now he can run in, get a kill, die, and he will have still made more then double the cost of a heal with just the antique book.

Now with that red GP he can craft tons of things that will net profit. IMO being able to take free loot=more roubles per raid, even on death. If that isnt pay to win I dont know what is. I have come to terms with it and im not paying 90 dollars for an upgrade but I wanted to share this theory.


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