Ganker motivation

Hey, I’ve just been wondering, what kind of satisfaction would these so called “gankers” get from killing innocent players?

When you think about it, you’re hindering others’ activity and ruining their game. I’d like it if someone could please explain what satisfaction comes out of this other than inflating their egos lol

I was heading down to Felicity Farseer to engineer my PvP Type Ten Defender and i got killed, no Role Playing, no reasoning, nothing. I just do not understand how these people can possibly enjoy ruining other players’ experience.

P.S I don’t think they should be banned or something, but in my opinion add more powerful NPC police? Maybe like the station defense. I died with no means to protect myself and lost all my bounties?

And don’t give me that bs about ship explosions and stuff, it just doesn’t make any sense.


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