Garnichora was not that broken

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I have played plenty of games since the update and I feel many people are overreacting. It is still very early of the update and players are still adapting to the new released cards. Here is some useful tips which I hope will decrease the outcry about Gernichora.

This deck relies on Sabbath keyword, relies on combo, and is absolutely vulnerable to bleeding. If you manage to deny or delay their Sabbath, the Gernichora will stay on its first form which is pretty useless base 7 point for 10 provisions. Many players goes for long Round 3 which is mistake. Bleeding Round 2 is a way to go because it forces some of their combo pieces (Idarran, Caranthir) out too early. In addition, forcing Mammuna out before Round 3 is also great idea because then the Sabbath is delayed long enough that Gernichora won't be able to produce that much point anymore. This deck relies on synergy instead of mindless pointslam as win condition because its highest cost unit is just 10 provisions. So in summary, just don't run zero controls and push round 2 enough until they are running out of resources for short weak Round 3.

The devs recently released a hotfix nerf that was completely unnecessary. This ensures that Syndicate will keep staying on top of the ladder with its new boynty goodies. I am speechless because the devs used to examine situations patiently and let the players adapt to the game. But now all I see is a chaos where an innocent got punished because of the Reddit outcry.



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