Gear Fear

Gear Fear is a very popular topic amongst players across all stages of tarkov whether you are new to the game or experienced like myself. Now, I have 33 mil roubles liquid and I have a thicc items full of good tier 5 armor and a thicc weapons case dedicated to the 6 or 7+ meta hk's I've collected from pmcs I've killed and/or built with parts I've taken from pmc weapons, and here I am still using budget gear sets such as tv-110s and troopers with ulach and a budget AK74N/AKM. Now, realistically I know it is not possible for me to blow through 33 mil in a day however I hold myself back from using that gear and I make excuses for myself. I know the game will wipe eventually, that is why I am coming to reddit to see if anyone could provide some advice that could help grow out of this habit because I could think of many scenarios where had I worn better armor or ran better ammo I would have came out the winner in fights. Even if you think its not useful to me it's probably useful to someone else that's reading the thread so anything is appreciated.


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