Gear vs. Cash Balance Preferences

What ratio do you all prefer to keep for gear vs. cash?

This has been on my mind recently, so I figured I would ask you folks for your opinions and preferences. Without manually calculating how much every individual piece of gear can be liquidated for at a point in time, I estimate gear value to be the difference between total stash value and cash balance. Applying that estimate to my stash, I have 18M Rub. in gear and 47M Rub. in cash.

Personally, I keep all the gear that I use and sell everything else that I get off players, have every case available besides thicc items (with EOD, I don't see the value), and bulk restock armor, helmets, or weapons when I run low on preferred items. I am comfortable with my ~28% gear/cash ratio, as I am happy with the amount of stuff I have, replenish when necessary, and have liquid assets to support flexible play styles.

Wanted to get others' thoughts on this topic! Drop them ratios!

Lastly, any other accountant PMC's lurking this sub?


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