Generating 1.5 Million Valheim Seeds

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I run and I've been collecting a little bit of data as folks have been generating seeds these past couple of months. I wanted to share some of the top seeds from 1.5 million world generations

Top 10 Most Searched Seeds

These seeds have all been searched thousands of times. Most of them are from articles that show up in google searches for "Best valheim seeds" and similar.

SeedNumber of Times GeneratedHow good is it really?1
HHcLC5acQt (img)30205Top 13% of seeds
IX7JpLYpLd (img)13772Top 61% of seeds
<empty seed> (img)8065Top 40% of seeds
Helloworld(img)5361Top 50% of seeds
Odinisking(img)5145Top 88% of seeds
W2hUEJUEcM(img)4123Top 61% of seeds
t9n3WG6dFk (img)4873Top 90% of seeds2
wVJCZahxX8(img)4724Top 71% of seeds
42069lolxd(img)4029Top 90% of seeds
CdjvRssbHZ(img)4006Top 65% of seeds
  1. This was evaluated by how close the bosses were to spawn on average compared to the other million seeds. Lower numbers are better. (Evaluated at version 1.150.3)
  2. In this case saying something is in the top 90% is equivalent to saying something is in the bottom 10% (aka really bad)

Top 5 Closest Boss & Trader Seeds

These aren't exactly the best possible seeds, but they are the seeds which require the least amount of travel to go to the closest of each boss. The World Version is important since worlds generated in different versions may have bosses in different locations. (Note that v0.150.3 is equivalent to v0.153.2)

Seed + VersionAverage Boss Distance from Spawn
aBc4dEf5gH v0.150.3(img)1483
FjErztc9z9 v0.148.6(img)1538
dUjew98GXd v0.148.6(img)1538
AronDodger v0.148.6 (img)1545
p4pvZnt2yI v0.150.3 (img)1555

Sadly this doesn't take into account land pathing vs. water, so while these are all very close they usually involve sailing.

Top 5 Furthest Boss & Trader Seeds

Again, these aren't the worst possible seeds, but they are the seeds which require the max amount possible of travel to the various bosses. Definitely gives you the opportunity to really enjoy that sailing experience.

Seed + VersionAverage Boss (& Trader) Distance from Spawn
AQvvve6Tt3 v0.147.3 (img)4816
dsaij3242R v0.150.3 (img)4815
dpfXrGZ8tK v0.148.6 (img)4788
irDGQxCYMu v0.148.6 (img)4762
5biomes v0.150.3 (img)4745

Personally I'm partial to #2 dsaij3242R, that's quite a lot of sailing! I was surprised to see "5biomes" on this list.

Highest number of maypoles

Out of 1.5 million seed generations, there are two that have 6 maypoles. Note that the version you generate the world in is critical and there is only a single seed so far recorded that has 6 maypoles in the latest Valheim version!

Seed + VersionMaypole Count
wiG2wxMpTB v0.150.3(img)6
MqmPzG9MPr v0.148.6(img)6
iluvalheim v0.148.6 (img)5
grumpy v0.148.6(img)5
Dosadi v0.150.3(img)5

There are ~15ish other distinct seeds with 5 maypoles, and then its down to 4. Wondering what a maypole is? Check out the wiki

Tallest Mountain

Valheim's generation algorithm samples an "infinite" plain of noise to generate the terrain. Cool right? Except the possible generation coordinates are actually in a very small area so it turns out that all possible maps are in a very small area. This means that there's very little variation as far as tallest mountain, most land, most water. Still here are some seeds that contain the "tallest" mountain. (Not including generated stones, towers, etc.) To date Valheim has not made any changes to land generation over time so world version isn't important here (yet).

SeedMountain HeightCoordinates
t2AIYfmV9q (img)506.75(1596, 7596)
p684xxXyHy (img)506.33(4332, 8148)
Mv87uZ76g0 (img)504.3(5436, 7716)
AxoL0tL (img)503.96(708, 8580)
NYMR (img)503.4(564, 8532)

Once again the low variance in Valheim terrain shows itself. The average tallest mountain point is about ~427. Still, the flattest maps have a peak of only ~300.

Most Land vs. Most Water

Again there is very little variation in land. Out of 1.5 million seeds, the seeds with the smallest amount of land are about 20.7% land, and the seeds with the highest amount of land have about 24.4% land. So at most any given seed will vary ~4% from any other seed.

SeedPercent LandRank
dYsNJYm2hd (img)24.401%#1 Most Land
Geaey (img)24.38%#2 Most Land
9QPGvQqte9 (img)20.739%#1 Most Water
noenemies (img)20.743%#2 Most Water

About Valheim-Map.World is my unofficial, fan made site which allows folks to instantly see their entire map without even needing to load Valheim. It can display dozens of useful locations such as:

  • Locations of bosses
  • Potential locations of the trader
  • "Boss Stones" (Vegvisir) which point the way to the Boss
  • Dungeons
  • Maypoles
  • Leviathans
  • And much More!

For folks looking for something a little more role-play friendly the terrain can be hidden using the "Fogged" layer and only the pins they're ready to reveal can be selected.

Introducing Lobbies!

For folks playing together it can be hard to collaborate and plan in Valheim given that there currently isn't a map table or any way to share pins (without mods). Using a lobby in you can collaborate with any number of other players on a single map. Lobbies can be shared in "edit" mode for collaborators, or in "view" mode for folks you'd rather just look.

Add Custom Pins

Cross Off Existing Pins

Share your world =)

A quick FAQ

Q: What data was actually collected?

I only collect a very tiny amount of data on generated seeds, and only seeds which at least generate the bosses and trader. On those seeds I collect the closest-to-spawn position of all bosses+trader along with the % of land, the highest point, and the maypole count (only if the user generated maypoles).

Q: Help, when I use your site the terrain is wrong!

When your terrain is wrong that's because your seed isn't right for some reason. The best thing to do is to use the seed extractor

Q: Help, when I use your site a Maypole (or other location) is missing/misplaced!

Likely you have selected the wrong world version. Remember your world version is the version of the game your world was first created in!

Q: What's next for

Next up I'll be fleshing out the "download" feature to provide a new way to download generated maps. This new way will allow users "raw" access to the heightmap, location positions, biome map, etc. This could allow other interested folks to do their own detailed analysis. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!


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