Genuine question regarding the showing of weapon’s stats

If tarkov is suppose to be hardcore and """realistic""", why does BSG decided to show mod's and weapons's stats?
I mean, i do not go to buy a weapon and ask "how much vertical recoil does it have?"

This encourage meta gaming. I don't care what kind of foregrip i would like to buy, i'm going to buy only BIS foregrip. For instance.
I'm not saying is totally a bad thing, but some stats IMHO should be obscured and hided.

I feel like a lose part of the experience tarkov has to offer when i occasionally look at the stats of a new build i just created.

I think that some experience should be felt by the gamers, like recoil or ergonomics.
Try different attachment and choose the best for you.

I know what you'll say, just give a couple of month and ppl will already discovered bis items and extrapolate the raw values. That's totally correct, but there'll be always minmaxin gamers and metagamers who always just want to play the game with the only porpuse to win and have the best "everything" possible.

That was a post i had in mind for a long time, worst time to post it since this sub is getting more and more full of aforementioned gamers.

Ok i'm ready for the shit storm, got my shit umbrella ready.



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