Get over gear fear: bring more gear, make more money

I always played EFT with good kits but while still trying to stay moderated, wich means I never used really big kits on a regular because I always tought that on the long run I would go broke by doing that, I think this statement was true until the changes made to the FiR status, because now you are rewarded for surviving more than anything, and bringing the best gear you can will help you achieve that. On top of that, I started using this fucking huge backpack and as a solo player: it is fucking amazing. As a solo player: thing is the best investement you can make, you can kill squads and loot all their shit, or fill it with a ton of loot items (the second way is the best, even when I kill people I usualy end up droping their shit for actual loot wich is more valuable). Either way, I end up poping a stim on my way to the extract and voila. It's more fun, and more rewardind. If you are a decent solo player, you will make more money this way (assuming you don't use overly expensive ammo and waiste a lot of it).

For example, this is the result of just a single reserve run, killed 4 players and looted everything on my path:

If you play in a squad I guess it doesn't apply to you since you need to share loot I guess.


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