Get rid of stamina

New Valheim update

I know I am probably not exactly the first one to have this hot take, but the stamina system is terrible.

I just booted Valheim back up after not playing it for months, and immediately remembered why I quit. The game has so much potential but the stamina system ruins all of it. Combat is more frustrating than fun. Base building is 10x more tedious than it should be.

The two main gameplay loops are combat and base building. But because of stamina I spend more than half of combat just like…slowly walking away from mobs. And because of stamina I keep having to stop and just stare at my screen for a few seconds while working on my base. Neither of these are fun mechanics. Neither of these enhance the gameplay in any way. They just add tediousness for the sake of tediousness. I even installed Valheim Plus and made the stamina settings as forgiving as possible.

Until the stamina system is tweaked, or you have the option to remove it in your game/server, I won't be playing anymore. It just takes all of the fun out of the game for me.


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