Ghosts need more powers.

Impostor Ghost:

  • Ability to interact with vents beside the normal sabotages. They will open and close; ability to mislead others.


  • Ability to see impostor ghost. (maybe even all?)

Crewmate Ghosts:

  • Ability to protect certain doors (one door for all crew, shared cooldown). This door won’t be lockable if still open.
  • 6th-sense-power (shared one minute cooldown). Ghosts will become visible for 5 seconds. [Can circle around impostors, so turn off lights and vent for your own risk]
  • Blessing: When one ghost comes to an alive crewmate, he may bless him. The probability of getting killed decreases by five percent per ghost. If the kill is saved, for the impostor the kill cooldown resets and no kill will occur. No animation will play either. Guess will be funny if the almost killed person will protect the impostor 🙂
  • That’s enough.

This all should be combined under the yes/no (so called Boolean) setting “Ghost Rights”


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