The game feels so much less fun with the lack accuracy on positional movement since disabling steam audio.

Last night I cleared basically every room in the underground because nearby I could hear someone jumping on spot. After clearing out the entire system of rooms beside the power switch, I gave up the jumping stopped and I couldnt find enemy, 10 seconds later I decide Ill loot the box in the 4 stall bathroom at the end of the hallway sure enough, he was posted up in the bathroom on top of a toilet, but the sounds that were propagating from this person jumping in place sounded nothing like they were coming from the direction of the toilets let alone in an entirely separate sections of rooms.

Another instance, I was clearing Queen looking for a PMC i heard looting and taunting, Im creeping and tracking the sounds to the stairwell above the entrance to the underground bunker system. I could hear roughly where the PMC was above me on the floo until they decided to take the stairwell down towards my position at this point going from 3rd to 2nd floor I lost all sound propagating from the player and the next thing I know in my peripherals I see there is head bobbing down the stairs right next to me (still no sound) and by the time I was able to pull up my rifle I was dead.

Positional accuracy is absolutely trash without steam audio and I cannot wait for it to be back.


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