Give me ghosts

Bones + Beech seeds = Chance of Birch Tree?

I saw a post a week or two ago of someone posting their little village-like base, saying something like "I wish it was more alive. Do you think there will ever be NPCs in this game?"

Now, I don't want NPCs. I play solo and I think suits the atmosphere of the game to be out there all alone. NPCs would make me feel like "why am I the only one going out there, killing monsters, gathering resources?"

But I would like ghostly apparitions. Ghosts of vikings past that would appear somewhat rarely. You could have at least:

– A ghost working at a workbench or forge.

– A ghost sitting in a chair or sleeping in your bed.

– A ghost walking in or around your base.

– A ghost in a crypt or other point of interest.

– A ghost ship with one or more ghosts on it.

I'm thinking these apparitions could take between 5 and 30 seconds. In a small way there is a precedent for this in the game in how Odin appears to you every once in a while. Maybe there could be more viking ghosts the bigger your base is. Spooky and cool. And obviously more ghosts during the night than the day. Give me ghosts of vikings that have come before me, please.


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