GIVEAWAY: 2 Key Sets and a little help learning to brand new players!

Approved by u/captain_travel_pants, I acknowledge any risks associated with giving away in game items.

I am giving away 2 (3 if I get more than 25 entries) docs cases, along with keys for either shoreline or reserve, to players under level 10 that are new to the game!

I built up 42M rubles this wipe and have decided to spend it on something a bit more meaningful than blowing another kit or two on labs. I got a key-set with some basic keys for reserve in 12.5, and that's honestly what gave me the determination (and the rubles mainly) to grind through the lower levels, which is why I am giving away 2 very nice key sets.

Making rubles is very difficult without a proper loot run to do when you need cash, and it's especially hard without access to the flea market. You also can no longer buy keys from fence which makes it even worse for new players.

The first for Reserve contains the 3 ORB keys, KPRL and RLSA, ST for the garage, MP12 and MP21, and the two marked keys with their respective small weapon rooms nearby, TB and AO.

The next for Shoreline contains West 104, 112, 218, 205, and 301, along with East 107, Tape Key, 226, 328, 313, 310, and 306. I can also throw in any quest related keys for customs in either of them.

Additionally, the winners get an optional guide on their loot run, some help with questing, or help with the game in general. Tarkov can be very intimidating and extremely difficult to learn sometimes, and I would be happy to help.

To enter, just comment below with your in-game username included. You must be able to provide a screenshot proving you are under level 10 in order to receive a prize. If more than 25 people enter, I will create a third set of similar value to give away as well. In 24 hours I will pick up to 3 users that posted a comment that included their usernames. I will edit and post the usernames of the winners below at 12PM EST 11/1 after 24 hours. Best of luck!


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