Giving away ~90 Million Roubles

This is what I'm giving away and my Lucky Scav Junkbox. I will queue Interchange Daytime. I will queue at 00:35 ( 35 minutes past midnight ) GMT+1 ( think Berlin ) – that's in 5 minutes.


May the lucky winner contact me here or ingame after they hopefully extracted. 😀

I will be running along the walls of the map.

Edit: I will edit this post once ingame ( again, exactly at 00:35 in 3 minutes ) so you know which wall I'm going along.

Edit: Ingame name is MinihavenTTV ( no I don't stream )

Edit: Queuing in 1 minute.

Edit: Queued.

Edit: 3 Minutes – still matching. So get back in the queue if you've left.

Edit: Spawning / Synchronizing

Edit: Still sycnrhonizing, 100% ? Did we break the server 😀

Edit: Still synchronizing q_q

Edit: Stuck at Awaiting Session Start. I think going in with this much gear fucked it up. Go check the spawns. I got a white shirt and Santabeard and Attack 2 on me.

Edit: Just a blackscreen now. ( Factory background )

Edit: I'll try to reconnect again.

Edit: Awaiting Session Start again, I'll just let it load. Apparently going in with your entire stash breaks the game. Thanks Nikita

Edit: After awaiting session start, i get this:

Just a blank screen. I think I might've spawned somewhere. Go check em all 😀


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