Going from the Hotas X to the Gladiator NXT

Just recieved my Gladiator NXT yesterday, and holy raxxla, i knew people say it's a huge step up, didn't realise it was THAT big a difference ! comparatively, the hotas x does feel like a toy now xD. the joystick is way… softer ? if you let go of it, it slowly comes back to the center instead of springing back and forth, it's really odd coming from the hotas x.

I'm currently looking for a control layout, but looking at edrefcard, i think i may make my own from scratch. do you guys have any tips/recomendations on where to put what ? (was thinking i'd put the forward/backward thrust on the base throttle, and have a button to switch between forward and backward thrust, and put side and vertical thrust on the ministick, is that a good idea ? also, any ideas on how i should use the LEDs ? i think i may use one of the base LEDs to display if the throttle is in forward or backward mode, but idk what to do with the others yet)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/qqqskd/going_from_the_hotas_x_to_the_gladiator_nxt/

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