Good internet is beyond important for this game

As the title says I have found out first hand just how important good internet is. To begin I’m not complaining about the game at all, I love it, I’m addicted to it, it takes up all the free time I can give it between work and a social life. With nearly 1400 hours I’ve had a blast with this game, however I’ve found I have started getting a lot more agitated lately.

I just moved into a new apartment, and when I found out internet was included in it I was jazzed. When I found out it’s centurylink cable internet I was immediately filled with despair. I came from fiber internet with download and upload speeds at 900 and 800 respectively, to a whopping 85… On a good day…

At first I thought “man the player base has gotten good at this game” as I threw myself into death after death. Going from a 65 escape percent and 6.2 K/D to 45 percent and 3.9. Now normally I’m of the “easy come easy go” aspect on gear, I’ve now found myself with gear fear again. Constantly dying with fully built guns, and great armor. Then I realized, every single game I played my ping was being projected into the corner. No less than 120 ping at any given moment. I lose almost every gun fight I come across with PMC’s, and I chalked it up to just getting out played. Then I started to die by scavs more and more routinely, shots I was sure should’ve hit disappearing into the tarkov void.

I’m pretty upset, stuck 8 months into this lease with subpar internet. But I guess I’ll just have to rat it up, and learn to git gud…


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