Good Lookin Guns?

Hey y’all, it’s been my first wipe (been about 3 months) and this might be the best game I’ve ever played even though it’s only beta. I’ve got Kappa, comfortable stash value and been trying out different guns everywhere from meta AKM, meta HK to AK-101 (weirdly been my favorite up to this point) and all wooden AKM. I am competitive but I also take into account how guns look. For example, I much prefer the Aggressor handguard over the CMRD for AK solely because of aesthetics and the RK-2 and never really use the Angle foregrip.

It got me thinking, any y’all have some really cool lookin gun builds? I don’t really care about the stats, but how cool does it look? I pefer mid range guns like ARs, Carbines and marksman rifles but would love to hear them all!

My favorite look so far comes from AKs. Aggressor handguard, RK-2 foregrip, Daniel defense suppressor, Zukov stock, Palm 30 round mag, RK-3 grip, Monstrum scope with Delta Point backup sight, wfb flashlight.


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