Got accepted to join the same game incubator that brought Valheim to light :)

New Valheim update

I'm a PhD student working on a solo indie dev project in my spare time, and live in Sweden. There's a game incubator here in the country that accepts about 3-5 applicants per year, and I got accepted! It's the same one that bought Valheim into production and helped support them 🙂 So cool! I mean, I don't think my game will ever take off like Valheim, but still.. it'll be a great opportunity to learn!

Super excited! If you want to check out the development, you can follow on youtube :

Hive Defender is a fast-paced strategy game where you control four alien swarms independently, and try to protect your aliens’ nests from human invaders who arrive in ever more imposing waves to wipe you out. Each nest is located in a corner of a procedurally generated and fully destructible labyrinth, and each swarm is fully customizable with a wide range of synergistic perks and attributes. The game is all about optimizing your swarm composition before the battle, and then making quick tactical decisions during the battle. You can play alone, or online with a friend cooperatively, and it’s going to be out soon. Currently, the single player portion game is almost bug free and feature complete, and is slowly being converted to the new hand drawn visual style.


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