Got from Muted to Ban real quick on valheim discord server.

fictional character

Did a mistake of criticizing the devs one time.

I said "devs didn't follow the road map as they intended to and there is no content for 3 months now ,only minor bug fixing ".Literally a sec after , people started making up things that "i was indirectly suggesting that people should rally and send death threats to devs ", i didn't say anything toxic or anything of that sort to these people .

Postpone to a week after , i receive a message saying " You were warned in Valheim. Reason: This is now your second warning. You were found to have posted a non-valheim related stream/twitch link in the #deleted-channel channel when the channel's pinned section and description outlines to keep posts valheim related. On top of posting unrelated media in a channel, you have shown some aggressive/trolling behaviour towards others the progress of the game and thoughts on the devs. While you're entitled to share your opinions, almost daily posts to reinforce your thoughts that "the devs didn't put up a single content update" and "say something about the game or devs, the community banishes you" is not ok as per rule number 1. As a result of these rule infringes, you will be given a indefinite mute. If you would like to discuss this warning, please reach out to us using modmail. Thank you***[7:52 PM]***You were muted in Valheim. Reason: N/A " ,

the very first thing which makes this ban unfair is them giving me reason that "almost daily posts to reinforce your thoughts that "the devs didn't put up a single content update" , i didn't even went on to server after that time and this was like a week ago .

Alright , so i contacted a moderator and omg these people are delusional , i showed a lil bit of patience for a quick reply for which i even apologized , and these people slapped me straight up for being too toxic , fast forward a lil and they say im pushing some agenda around , like wtf.


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