Grand theft elite?

So I was thinking the other day. I've been playing ED since about a month after it released on console, bought Horizons and from day one I've thought "wouldn't it be great to get up and walk around?"

At the time I was pretty involved with Star Trek online and the fact that I couldn't get up and walk around my ship or a star port was irritating to me. I didn't really get into ED for quite awhile.

At the same time, my boys convinced me to play gta5. Never finished it.I tried the online and was actually getting decent until one day a bunch of griefers caught me in a spawn trap. After the sixth or seventh time the same people hunted me down I said to hell with it and gave it up.
I picked up Ed again and stated getting into it. It was awesome. The few people I ran into didn't feel the need to slag my ship simply because they could. Sure there were a few assholes but nothing as bad as gta online was. I picked up a mission to take somebody to a black hole way the hell out there that was going to pay something like 150 million and I had a month to get it done. Sweet! (Dumbass) So with my unengineered asp explorer I set off thinking I was hot shit with my 15ly jump range. It was going to take something like 250+ jumps to get there. I've got a month. To easy. (Moron)

I discovered my first in visited system 30 jumps in. Sweet! I'm the first person to ever be here! (Still cool) I'll spare you thefull story but needless to say i never made it to that black hole, failed the mission and it took me two months irl time to limp back with a hull at 15% and my canopy at 3%. Got back to threw bubble finally and made 87 million on exploration data. That's when I got serious about engineering.

Along came rdr2. Love that game. Or did. I got pretty damn good at online. Great bunch of people too. Until the folks that play gta5 came along. Complete pain in the ass now. Don't get me wrong, I can hold my own in pretty much any fight but it gets old fending of a posse of 16 year old griefers all night when all I'm trying to do is hunt a little and mind my own business.

So now odyssey is coming. Next fall as i understand it. Can't wait. But thatbrings up the question: with the ability to finally move around and interact with the galaxy at large is elite dangerous going to become the griefers paradise they've made every other game?

We have a few assholes in the game already but for the most part they're easy to avoid. The bubble is huge, but I can see these Dick heads making it impossible to go to any major place without having to be in a running firefight. Sol, Jameson memorial, etc…

So what do you think? Are we going to be visited by the dregs of society and have ED ruined? Yes I'm aware of solo and private. That'snot the point lol


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