Grenade animations are way too quick

This is something I’ve noticed since I began playing the game and just recently I’ve been in a few firefights where it’s quite an annoying mechanic. I just don’t see why the grenade animation is so fast. The fact that sometimes in a CQB firefight when you’re face to face with someone, it makes more sense to throw a grenade than shoot them just makes no sense. I get grenades have their purpose and should be powerful, but the speed at which you pull it out and throw it is way too fast, especially considering how slow the weapon reload animations are. I just died to a scav because the instant he detected me, he began the grenade animation and even tho I had a good reaction time and shot him in the face, his grenade was already in the air and still killed me. Of course I’m upset that I died but really the speed at which you can throw a grenade has been an issue since I started playing the game 6 months ago. And don’t even get me started on the fact that grenades in this game bounce like bouncy balls…

Does anyone else feel the “grenade meta” is OP due to the unrealistically fast animations or is this just me?
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