Ground Conflict Zones really need a dedicated fighter-sized dropship.

First, a picture, to give you an idea of the scales involved.

On the left, to scale, you have the LAAT Republic Gunship, of Star Wars fame. Capable of orbital insertions, capable of carrying 10 troops plus 2 pilots, equipped with three anti-personnel turrets and four laser cannons, it's basically the perfect device for getting troops to the battlefield.

On the right, also to scale, you have the Vulture. A ship twice as long, with thirty times the internal volume, yet inexplicably incapable of deploying any more troops than the LAAT, and which is clearly ill-designed for that purpose. It's clearly a dogfighter, not a ship meant to deploy troops to a battlefield.

What I'd love to see is for players to be deployed by LAAT-size fighters, which in turn are deployed from an orbiting support ship matching the faction that sent them. These dropships would be extremely fast and nimble, able to get down to the CZ and drop off the troops before making a getaway, but relatively frail as well, allowing them to be destroyed in the right circumstances.

Unlike normal fighters, these have an FSD, but it's a class 1B; largely incapable of jumping to another system(outside of extremely niche scenarios), but are able to travel to the planet's surface. They would have weapons more on par with SRV cannons; mostly ineffective against other ships, but somewhat effective against humans.

If you really wanted to go cool with them, you could have a different one for each different faction! Bulky armored ones for the Feds, slow blocky ones for the Independents, and fast and sleek ones for the Imperials.

I think it would really enhance the ground experience. Thoughts?


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