Group/teammate indicators

I’m fairly new to EFT, I started playing 4-5 months ago. So I’m sorry if this has been discussed/addressed in the past.

Why not have a small indicator of who’s in your party/group? Part of the allure of Tarkov is how challenging and hardcore it is. Playing with a group is so difficult that it makes it where I don’t want to play with my friends but playing solo can be overwhelming as well.

I know there are arm bands but they are hard to see and in the middle of an intense battle I’m not looking for an arm band. I think it would be cool that if you were wearing an armband they would glow/be more visible to players in your group or have some kind of indicator to players that are in your group.

I love Tarkov. The challenge of surviving. The adrenaline rush from intense gunfights. I just wish some aspects were a little easier.


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