Guess how much $$ Champion’s father spend for this TI.

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Every one of the top teams in the world will coincidentally turn into a 2,000-point team when they meet TS in the losers' bracket. But when they beat TS by a small game, the situation is a complete crushing.

When they meet TS, something very amazing happens, all the world's top players start to make low-level mistakes, all the top analysts can't BP, can't analyze the opponent's previous video.

Thanks to COV19, almost all the betting companies around the world were left without revenue for almost two years.

That's when a Russian energy magnate showed up willing to spend a small fortune to buy a unique gift for his baby boy and his four friends.

Forty million dollars is really a lot? You really underestimate Russian energy giants, my dear friends.

There have been 5 storms in TI history. The most powerful TS team ever in the world got 3 times in one TI.

Dota2 does have a video replay feature where you can see the pros in action. Go check it out, those incredibly cheap mistakes will only happen when you face TS.

Look at their calm expressions in the post-game interview, as if they had just eaten a piece of cake sent by their dad. It's really worthy of being the strongest and most established TS team in the world, the most favored by the world!




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