Gwent is a great game, but the platform is awful

Yennefer's Journey

I really enjoy the actual game of Gwent- what I really don't like is the platform that I have to engage in it with.

The deck building menu is awful compared to HS and MTGA; not showing you how many cards you have collected total (you have to go to the website to see that), not letting you limit your text search to cards owned, and the limited space on screen actually used to show cards means a lot of scrolling through greys to go through searches. No folders to organize decks results in just a blurred mess of decks. I like to make copies of my decks to make variations to see if different modifications work better or worse. Gwent does not support that with this current deck system. It only encourages downloading the deck lists off of the website.

Downloading decks doesn't work unless you have the scrap to make it immediately. MTGA allows you to download decks, and cards you don't have are greyed out and it is listed as being unfished.

The actual statistics the official platform gives you is awfully limited: it doesn't tell you what deck you were playing with besides the type, it doesn't track your win/loss % for rounds or games with a singular deck. This makes modifying decks and comparing them a manual chore, when it should just be a part of the game.

MTG:A is probably my favourite digital TCG. The deck editing is clean, cards are resizable, trackers allow deck statistics and comparisons. I really love the game of gwent, but engaging with it feels so obstructive that it really disincentives me from playing long term, let alone dumping the hundreds that I have already dumped in MTG:A.

EDIT: I'm trying to make a control deck, and I can't seem to sort units descending by the top left value of the card.


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