Gwent’s current state

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I didn’t like 2020, it was a year with only 2 kind of small expansions. Between them we had a few new leader abilities and meta shakes. Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciated these but, all in all, the game felt stale for me during too many months. I personally founded journeys cute and supported them as a way to monetize the game. I understand it’s a business after all, but, obviously, journeys don’t keep the game fresh. I thought this situation was a result of the pandemic and the mobile release and, as soon as they gained some stability, the production of new content would rise again. Just to make a comparison, 2019 had 4 bigger expansions and some new leader abilities.

Then we arrived to January. Slama refused to draw a roadmap for the year, remaining very vague about Gwent’s future. I’m sorry for the fans, but this is unacceptable, if the devs don’t throw some insight, who’s going to do it? It’s as simple as “we plan to do these many expansions and these many events; we’re focusing on this and this”. That’s it, seriously, I wouldn’t get mad if they didn’t accomplish everything as long as they were honest about it. At least I would know their plans.

The reality now is that we’re almost in the fifth month and all we’ve had so far is a dozen new cards and meta shakes. I’m starting to assume that this year it’s going to be like 2020. I feel like they are putting more effort into building 3D models and vanities than making actual cards. I don’t know from the business perspective, but, as a player, this looks like a mistake. Players are eventually going to get bored, and there’s no cosmetics that will hold them back. I dislike this route but I even dislike more that they aren’t clear about it.


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