Gyro balance changes

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Anyone have ideas on how to balance Gyro so both the stats build and ability build are balanced?

My personal ideas include reducing the range of his e a bit ~100 units, granting him a spellcaster talent (~ 30% reduction to mana cost of q at 10 instead of 200 health), and reworking his ultimate.

New Ultimate Format:

Gyro calls down a nuke that first pushes enemies away from its epicenter before pulling them back in. The push and pull are forced movement and the timings would be similar to the first and second bomb drops from his ults current iteration. Pulling enemies toward him at the second part of his ult allows him to get close to enemies for shard q to run more safely than the slow, thus meaning the armor and strength tankiness bonuses are not as necessary. The slight nerf to e is balanced by the pull in as well.

Spell caster gyro with these changes could grab kaya&sange after dragon lance and build into bkb followed by eblade. Max q first and then e for farming and damage.


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