Hackers and what to do with them???

I honestly just have to vent.

Can these assholes just stop ruining the game for everyone. Like seriously there's nothing I hate more than getting impostor, 5 seconds in this guy presses emergency meeting and says "blue impostor". Like seriously we haven't even gotten a chance to see what our tasks are but this guy knows I'm the impostor. After the game I actually tried to block him but his name wasn't even on the list of kickable characters, he was there in my lobby, but I couldn't ban or kick him. Yeah right you're a freken hacker and you spoil the game and all off the fun that goes along with it for everyone.

Can we make a general rule of thumb to vote that guy out and continue playing the game until you can actually verify blue is the impostor just to ruin the hacker and destroy his goal to spoil fun for 10 players at a time.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/ky4oa8/hackers_and_what_to_do_with_them/

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