Hackers are horrible right now but they aren’t the issue…..

Its the moronic clowns who pay for runs who we should be mad at. I have 4 wipes under my belt 4k hours and hover around 65% survival rate and 9kda. So i can tell when its a hacker.

I added one 2 days ago and said are you having fun?? that was pretty easy to tell your hacking man…

He sais new wipes are when he makes all his money. He said he makes roughly $350 dollars a day selling runs to people for 5-10$ each run…. He also said hes unbannable because he has a spoofer.

Hackers eventually get bored of hacking if they are doing it for shitz and giggles.

But when they are making cold hard $$$$$$ they wont stop.

Its the shit ass players who are ruining the game paying for runs because they are incapable of playing the game correctly. The same ones who run around sticking stuff in there pouches without gear on cause they suck at shooting in a shooting game…..

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/ohtr6j/hackers_are_horrible_right_now_but_they_arent_the/

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