Had a revelation – Thank you to the people who have been helping with my ship build

I just wanted to express a thank you to the people who have been trying to help me round out my PVE Corvette. I've been trying to set it up for massacre missions and very quickly reached a low plateau.

I started running massacre missions in Deciat and after turning in a single batch of missions reached the lofty rank of "competent." Afterwards it seemed like the missions jumped in difficulty.

A threat 3 target always turned out to be an Anaconda that, after being attacked, called for backup and got 2 cobras, an eagle, and had a fighter ship as well. Sometimes even more.

After beating my head against a wall I finally realized it's just my skill as a pilot and my inexperience with combat.

The issue was, I kept focusing the raid boss Anaconda while the minions picked me off. A classic mistake. If anyone else out there is struggling, this is my new tactic:

Wait until the anaconda scans and turns it's broad-side to you and unload on it until the first backup appears and has hardpoints out. At this point, the Anaconda's shields are gone and ~85% hull integrity. While it limps away to regen, take out the little guys.


It's really easy to tunnel vision

tl;dr – part deux, the sequel

It's not this ship

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/lm7y1n/had_a_revelation_thank_you_to_the_people_who_have/

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