Had my first fight with a capital ship last night.

So I've been unlocking engineers the past days. Sunday I unlocked selene and didi. So I went and grabbed my anaconda stuffed it with shield boosters and hull reinforcement, and engineered myself into more of a tank then I was and to test things out I went out to a high intensity conflict zone.

I'd tried them twice before, the first time I got blown up the second time I held my own and won a close fight. This time I expected to clean up.

So I jumped in on the side of the Alliance rapid response. Against a federation faction, and destroyed a type 9 (why!?) and a vulture, then I glimpsed up at the corner of my hud, and I see Destroy enemy capital ship.

I come about, and sure enough there is a Farragut battle cruiser spitting out thick rainbows of beam death in the middle of a big swirling ball of dogfighting smaller vessels.

And it was cool, really cool, and while my new defensive engineering held it wasn't enough I kept having to pull back from it to recharge, and the battle was lost as my allies just started dropping.

Got me wondering if this was an Imperial vs fed conflict zone can you get a capital ship for each side. The allied special unit was the captain, and that was no help.

Either way it was fun and exciting content I hadn't seen before hope to find more as I keep improving my pve build

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/mzqf2k/had_my_first_fight_with_a_capital_ship_last_night/

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