Happy Dad update.

Bones + Beech seeds = Chance of Birch Tree?

The Elder is dead.
The boys made quick work of him with Dad in the back shooting fire arrows. Now the fun really began.

We go to the swamp in troll armor. Nothing higher than level 2. We knew there were at least 5 crypts in the area from previous scouting, plus we saw an old tower we could use as a temporary base. So we went for this.

In hindsight, we were not prepared. Draugr elite, one one-star archer and one two-star archer holding the top. There were 2 regulars at the bottom.

We fought our way to the base where Dad promptly died. Arrow to the knee.

Once I went down, the older son followed. My youngest got inside to the basement (you know the type tower). Our base wasn't too far away, but the path was strewn with enemies, which we proceeded to kite back to the tower, being naked as we were.
In the meantime, my youngest has semi fortified the basement, built a bed, then proceeded to die over and over and over again, laughing and yelling he was immortal! He's a bit scary at times.

My oldest and I died seconds after getting our gear, so more kiting. I should add that there was a spawner near the tower that we didn't know about. It was cranking out archers left and right.

We run, die, kite, kill, laugh, yell, and die repeatedly. Skills? Screw them. We are taking this tower!

45 minutes later, the tower was ours. We did it! The draugr are dead.

That's when the wraiths showed up.

Such a fun bunch of hours spent getting destroyed, but that tower is ours, and we've started into the iron age. My oldest asked his brother something I didn't catch, but my youngest (15) replied with something I've never heard him say in any other game.

You want to take your time playing this game. It makes it a real adventure.

He's right.

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