Happy to see the journey, hotfix, and a suggestion for Mamuna

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First of all, thanks for this amazing journey! I've always wondered about boards but couldn't buy any (there's no regional pricing in my low income country). So, I'm kind of happy to be able to get so many boards. I also like the music and coins in this journey.
I have most of the premium cards, but I still don’t mind. (Not a big fan of these cardbacks though)

The thing comes to my mind is how the game was yesterday. I was thinking about skipping this month, but I'm really glad to see the two changes. Gerni not changing power, Artaud being disabled. I hope they can fix the Artaud bug soon. This response was fastest in my 14-month gwent career.

Lastly, I still think Mamuna is way too good. A card that can regularly reach 16 to 20 points (more with Caranthir) should be given a bit attention. I think it should have a higher base power but shouldn't boost self by the banished unit's power. Rience seems like a kid compared to this card!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/oy5ftc/happy_to_see_the_journey_hotfix_and_a_suggestion/

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