Harald Houndsnout vs Blueboy Lugos

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For those who don't know/remember, Harald got a buff to 7 provision with the last patch bringing it to the same provision as Blueboy Lugos, making it a valid contender for that particular slot as a midrange selfwound target, though I yet have to see him get played instead.

Here are the facts:

  • Harald deploys as 7 for 7 with 4 bodies; Blueboy as 6 for 7 with 1 body
  • Assuming you have enough pings Harald's ceiling is 10 for 7 with 6 damage over 3 pings; Blueboy's is 11 for 7 with 10 damage over 5 pings
  • Blueboy has the Warrior tag, Harald doesn't
  • Unchecked Harald can achieve his ceiling on his own; Blueboy needs damage from other cards.
  • As long as you have selfwound cards, a lock/removal on Harald still lets him get to full value via the tokens thus negating any additional control value for the opponent; a lock/removal on Blueboy stops the card from getting full value and adds up to 5 points of extra control value for the opponent

What are your opinions on the matter? I know SK is not in the best spot right now but I've been playing Harald both in a regular Druid-Melusine build as well as non-Lippy Ursine Ritual selfwound and I love the card as it has good synergy with the rest of both decks and gives them a good proactive play going first.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/pcqjew/harald_houndsnout_vs_blueboy_lugos/

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