Hardcore mode but you don’t buy a new account and it’s a little easier and you have max traders and hideout and you’re also role playing a bit because starting with just a melee is hard

I made up a new challenge for myself because I wanted to try hardcore mode without buying a standard account or losing all my stuff. Having rules helps. Let me know what you think and if you have any tips/suggestions.

Before I started I had:

  • Max traders.
  • Max hideout.
  • the knowledge that I wasn’t going to get kappa
  • general late game boredom but a crippling addiction to EFT nonetheless
  • Not enough irl money to buy a standard account to play actual hardcore like the streamers do

To start:
* I sold all my stuff except for my keys, 2 docs cases, a keytool, a dogtag case and my loot lord plushie
* Went into raid with:
* a mosin sniper with the 3.5x scope that you can barter with prapor for
* A thing of peas and an aquamari
* A gamma container I filled with screws to make alpha-size
* (This is the RP part I’m pretending to be someone who was on a hunting trip that got stranded in tarkov before the shit went down)

* No flea market*
* No using cash on traders*
* No insurance
* No post raid healing
* No scav raids
* I can use my “alpha” container for whatever I want but I can’t make it larger than alpha size (except after escaping tarkov)
* I can only use the mosin on the first raid. After that I’m not allowed.
* I can use my keys all I want. I don’t wanna go and find them all again.

*Since this is my main account and I want to be able to play with my friends using decent kits when I want a break from this challenge, I am allowing myself to keep up forms passive income (bitcoin + scav case). So I’m going to keep buying things like water filters, air filters, fuel, and sugar. Other than that the basic rule is that I can’t use cash for something that I am going to bring in raid. This also means I cannot buy something for a craft that would give me an item I can barter with. That’s a stupid workaround/loophole and I won’t do it, I obviously can use found in raid items to craft things for barters.

Goal/completing the challenge:
* Basically the goal is to get my gamma back to full size. I can do this only one way: do an “in-order escape from tarkov” which means:
* Surviving each map in order with only 1 kit. I can’t dump items at the end of the raid and I can’t resupply between raids. I also can’t change what time slot I am in.
* Map order: woods -> interchange -> customs -> factory -> shoreline -> reserve -> the lab
* After completing each map in order I can unlock a space in my gamma by deleting the screws that are filling up space
* So I’m considering the challenge complete when I have access to the full gamma again (5 successful escapes)
* Before attempting an official escape, I can run any map in any order as preparation (I have a feeling I’m just gonna be doing this a bunch and I’m never going to attempt an official escape lol)

Any questions or ideas to make this better or more fun?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/r52s8d/hardcore_mode_but_you_dont_buy_a_new_account_and/

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