Hardcore mode!

Just had to see if anyone else is in the same spot as I was about 2 weeks ago. I had Kappa done, all the task finished up, 10+M just chilling and a completed hideout. The game got STALE really really fast. I was getting bored of the game but kept coming back, I would sherpa for buddies and help them through quests… the game was just a bit stale to me.

So I decided to take the plunge on the Hardcore challenge with Deadlyslobs ruleset. Bought a new basic account and started playing. It was brutal, small stash (I really feel for players not on EOD), no insurance, no secure case, no traders, no end of raid healing, no flea market… etc etc etc.

It was BRUTAL AMAZING. I found a new reason to play Tarkov! Everything matters again! Every little room, tool box, cashe, stash, is so meaningful now! I have a scav junkbox full of junk I wouldn't have looked at twice on my main account lol. I spent 4 raids on reserve looking for a bloody splint because I had a broken leg and couldn't fix it. I am so refreshed and re-invigorated with the game. I honestly wish the basic game was played with these restrictions. There are moments when the game is just gutting. But like gambling the most impactful moments are the moments you loose!

If you're at the end of the game and are starting to feel like the game is repetitive, or the grind to just fill money cases with rubles isn't satisfying anymore, try the Hardcore Rules! Seriously it makes this game so bloody fun. Figure out the trades. Grind out the quests, and really get immersed in what I think Tarkov really should be! I really wish there was a in-game setting for HC rules that shuts of end of raid healing, flea market purchasing, trader purchasing, etc.

Link to DeadlySlobs rule set I'm following [here](https://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sr578e).

What are your thoughts on the HC challenge? Am I a frothing lunatic for enjoying the game with such a punishing set of rules?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/ibppka/hardcore_mode/

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