Hardcore Playthrough: Just about to start the mountains, survival tips?

New Valheim update

This is probably my ~7th playthrough but this is the farthest I've gone with zero deaths/hardcore. I'm asking for survival advice here because on every other playthrough, I've always died at least once in the mountains. Usually from miscalculating rolls/parries from Golems, or when I have a couple of wolves surrounding me while out of stamina. I want to prevent that this time.

Here's what I plan on going in with:
-Lvl 3 Iron Mace
-Lvl 2 Banded Shield
-Lvl 3 Iron Helmet
-Lvl 1 Root Harnesk (I also have lvl 3 Iron Armor, but wanted to try root armor for pierce resist for wolves?)
-Lvl 3 Iron Leggings

Food will be a combination of:
-Turnip Stew
-Carrot Soup
-Minced Meat Sauce
-Deer Stew
-Frost Resist Mead

All depending on what I have on hand at the moment.

The plan is to quickly try and find a silver vein, then mine approx 20 silver. From there gather some wolf fangs and trophies to make wolf cape. Then I will set up a forge/small mining outpost to process the rest of the silver and make armor/weapons. I think the plan will be to make Frostner, Draugr Fang, Wolf armor, legs, and Drake helmet + upgrade them. Once everything is made and upgraded to rank 3 I will start the plains.

Good plan or do you have any alternatives? It's not about speed here, it's about safety. My reward for completing the game deathless will be starting to build a kickass base. Right now part of my game plan is to only live in shitty shacks until the game is complete.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/rtucx2/hardcore_playthrough_just_about_to_start_the/

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