“Hardcore” Tarkov

I don't much care for FPS Shooters, but what attracted me to EFT was its realism. Realistic weapons, ballistics, tactical situations, all things that mater in actual combat. The one thing totally unrealistic is the ability to respawn after death and immediately join a new match. This leads a player to do things that he would not ordinarily do if he was in a RL situation. There is a small timer between SCAV runs, but no timer for PMC runs.

I would like to see an optional mode for PMCs that if you die before extract, there will be a 3 hour timer before you can take your PMC in for another go. Of course, only PMCs who select this option would be queued up for this match. This would make things more challenging for players, and while you could still loose all your gear if killed, perhaps a reward for a successful extract, the PMC could receive increased XP. And of course upon a successful extract, the player could immediately join another match.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/morwea/hardcore_tarkov/

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