“Harpoon” for stopping ships.

So I recently discovered something about this game that bothers me to no end.

This happens in Mercenary work, Bounty hunting, Conflict Zones, and Piracy.

When you take out a fleeing ships thrusters, not only does it obviously keep on sliding away, but has anyone notice that it also seems like they begin to accelerate to abnormal speeds? A ship that I winged while keeping up with is now out running my fighter with 0% drives? This is extremely obnoxious if your ship isn't the fastest thing in the world and can't keep up with the target. Not to mention, you can't stick a hatch breaker most of the time.

Anyway, how would people feel if FDEV added a sort of "Harpoon" or tractor beam system into the game? Nothing strong enough to hold a ship with active engines, but strong enough to bring a drifting ship to a complete stop? It could even be tied into the FSD Interdictor, instead of pulling ships out of super cruise, you would just arrest their momentum relative to your own ship (their ship will match your current speed). And maybe it could be used for the unlikely use of towing ships, there's been rare occasions where me or a friend get wedged in a station and can't get out.

This system could also be used to grab individual bits of cargo and materials in space you might have bumped, and to FDEVs discretion, could be used to individually pick up cargo and materials as in very large ships, it can be tedious. Obviously this won't be as affective as a collection limpet. But a decent substitute.

I don't think this could be exploited in a PVP situation as the only time it could be used is if you have already disabled the other player.

If FDEV feel they would want the system to work on ships with active drives, maybe it would be a case of a mini-game similar to the idea of the interdiction, but in this case, snap movements of the target ship or erratic behavior would damage the tractor module directly, like repeatedly snapping a cable.

I'm interested to see how others may feel about this?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/lj1kwy/harpoon_for_stopping_ships/

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