Harth, Home, AND PAIN. (A huge mistake story)

Maypoles, Flower/Berry Spawns, & Seed Crops should increase honey yield.

Okay so I play lots of survival craft games. One of my things is when I build, I like to do it for the long haul. I don't like spending hours building a base only to 10 15 hours later have to tear the thing down and start all over.

Valheim kinda messes that up for me. You have to build at least two bases and should upgrade the second as new things unlock. Thats not too bad as I enjoy seeing my base get more and more established as time goes on.

So usually how this works is that I will spawn in a new game and run around looking for a good spot somewhere on the coast. Build a decent sized little house and use that until I take down the first boss. Once I have a pickaxe, I level off a huge area to build on and make a massive long house that will be continuously upgrade as mentioned before.

So, my Hearth and Home new save starts just like this. I find the coast and start running it, find a nice little peninsula with a natural cove pretty level lots of trees around and very near the dark forest. Nice place to live, so I get started. Due to my proximity to the dark forest I dont have to do a whole lot of exploring to get myself past the early game. Before I know it I'm decked out in bronze with a sword in my hand. So I start working on upgrading this gear but smelting is boring work. So I decide to do a little exploring while my charcoal burners and smelters are doing their thing. Plus its about time I build that dock in that little cove I been planning.

All this is my whole Friday night and Saturday day. Sunday night I have everything built hop on my knave and set sail for adventure. I figure I should sail around the whole coast of the island to get a good lay of the land. Set sail and.. hmm this is weird, its not showing an ocean biome, and you know now that I'm out in the water looking around there's land in every direction. Is it… no it couldn't be…. it is… im not on the coastline, IM ON A LAKE!

So all my hard work, my giant house, my boat, my literal tons of ore. All of it on a lake I'll only be able to sail around to other meadows on. That pretty much seals the deal, I have to move. So, I find the actual coastline and another nice spot even bigger then the last and get to work. Step one, clear trees build house build portal. Then run back to house, which mind you is a straight shot stopping for nothing 10 min walk from the new spot. Once I have the teleporters set up things go as expected. I start by clearing trees and leveling ground, use said trees to build a wall, then start the painstaking task of rebuilding my wooden long house which is a whopping 9×12. Eventually I get the long house built.

Enter the second sinking feeling. THE ORE! I can just zap that stuff across the map! So I teleport home, load up all my ore in a cart and take the most intense run in my 128 hour gameplay time. It takes me 45 mins. Through hills and dales through the densest dark forests and Meadow woods. But I made it. Felt great to have accomplished that. I start moving all my other stored things which is more tedious then anything else. Enter sinking feeling number three. MY CRAFTING TABLES oh you are such an idiot! You need ore for crafting tables and upgrades! How could you forget to break those down and put them in in the cart! This time though I should be able to carry it all myself. I can save 10 tin used for my cauldron. I chalk that one up as a loss.

Tonight, just now, I fully completed the house, dock, and even made one last run for the other end of the teleport and the 10 tin. I left the wooden wall up though as a reminder of that once upon a time home. Im a solo player as you probably picked up on already but one day I think I might open my server to the public and someone will be hooked up, ON A LAKE!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/ps633r/harth_home_and_pain_a_huge_mistake_story/

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