Has anyone else encountered the Chad Scav on shoreline?

For about 2-4 raids on shoreline I kept running into a singular scav at the power station.

Normally no big deal.

Until you noticed the 3 PMC bodies surrounding this lone scav.

So I thought “oh easy, I get a bunch of loot and all I have to do is kill a scav” but halfway through that thought I have dumped my 30rnd Magazine into him before he proceeded to blow my head off with his TOZ.

Okay normal day in Tarkov it happens.

Encounter this scav again for a couple raids.(obviously not the same exact Scav but just a loner at the power station) he kills me every time.

Get as much gear as possible for one last revenge attempt to kill this scav.

Arrive at power station, it’s empty as far as I can see. “Maybe he didn’t spawn this time”

I round a corner and the last thing I see is this scav giving me the middle finger before being put down like a dog.

Feels bad man.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/if7o22/has_anyone_else_encountered_the_chad_scav_on/

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