Has anyone else ever lost their backpack in stash??

No, I didn't loose it from a quest where I had to hand in backpacks..I mean it happened last wipe but I learned my lesson. This time it was a weird bug; and I sent the info BSG.

When I do a scav run, I load up my pmc with my biggest gear and biggest backpack (which is of course an infinite blackhole of backpacks, attack 2) so I have room in stash to put my looted scav items. I came back from a failed scav run, about to reset my pmc for the next run, and I drag the backpack from pmc to my stash. I notice the green/red squares are one square up and left than the normal rectangle, and it remained red although I had enough space in stash. I let go of dragging it while I was still hovered over my stash (still red & off center). The backpack didn't place; the image of the backpack remained in my pmc backpacks lot, but the pack was not "open" / no squares available. I clicked back to the main menu, then back into my character, and the bag was gone. It seemed like my mistake-after the bug triggered-was that I let go of the bag while it was still red and glitched over the stash… Maybe if I placed it back in my PMC bag slot it would not have erased.

Discussion open about weird glitches

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